A little more Shabbos…

by David Kauffman

The Saturday of October 24 is being declared a Shabbat to keep together, at least the by The Shabbos Project.  Even if you don’t agree with the entire project, the enthusiasm behind it makes me reflect on our own shabbat practice.

For many of us who have a nodding acquaintance with Shabbat, it’s a spiritual practice to consider refraining from all the activities you do during the week that helps separate Shabbat from the other days. Reb Zalman also inspired us to consider other ways to rest the earth on Shabbat.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Friday night, turn off the computer, and your phone, and leave it off until after Shabbat. Make it a tech-free day. Talk instead of text.
  • Leave the car parked, instead walk, or maybe ride your bike, or take a bus
  • Read a book, rather than a screen
  • Spend time in the garden or a park, reconnecting to nature
  • Avoid buying anything, give yourself a break from commerce

Choosing to do any or all of these Shabbat practices can take us another step towards שלום Shalom (peace) and שלם Shalem (wholeness).

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One Response to A little more Shabbos…

  1. Pat Gill says:

    All of us could take at least one of these steps toward a more meaningful Shabbos. (Those emails will still be there on Sunday!)

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