A Taste of: Jewish History

Four Mondays 7-9 PM from September – December, classes held at Or Shalom
Taught by Or Shalom member Shira Macklin

Registration is now closed for this class as it it full.

Topics and Dates:

Sept 26: Where and when it began. Including the Babylonians and the fall of the first temple. Eicha as a response to the geo-political upheavals of the period. The return. The prophets. The beginning to the Jewish Wars and the fall of the second temple.

Oct 31: The Roman Emperor Constantine. Christianity, including and especially the early and continuing belief that Jews no longer have the right to exist.

Nov 28: Dispersion. Pain and longing for the Messiah, and the concurrent stream of rabbinical teaching, Torah in written form, Talmud, Responsa.

Dec 12: Gains and losses. Russia.The holocaust. The second return. What is our history and what is the history that belongs to the other. Curiosity about where and how the magnificent story will unfold.