Annual General Meeting

Or Shalom Jewish Spiritual Community Association 

A N N U A L   G E N E R A L   M E E T I N G

Sunday, November 4, 2018, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

O r   S h a l o m   S y n a g o g u e

710 East 10th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C.



D R A F T 2016


  1. Introduction and Kavanah: R’ Hannah
  2. Call to order at 11:13: Dave Kauffman
  3. Approval of Agenda for 2016 AGM
  4. Approval of Minutes from 2015 AGM, as amended, moved by Lorne Mallin, carried

Errors and omissions:

  • Change the date to 2015.
  1. Co-Chairs’ Report: Dave Kauffman and Philippe Tortell

Dave announced his retirement from the Board and recalled highlights from his six years of service. He also thanked a number of people who have been critical to Or Shalom’s success. Philippe reviewed the major events from the past year and spoke of our future with a rabbi who has a vision for Or Shalom’s growth.

  1. Financial Report – Marty Puterman

The synagogue is in a good financial position, showing $14,800 over budget. Acceptance of Financial Statement moved by Ron Einblau, carried

  1. Election of Board of Directors
    • Directors completing their terms:
  • Jordana Corenblum
  • Mark Drew
  • Ron Einblau
  • Robert Ezzy
  • Dave Kauffman
  • Heidi Mannis
  • Philippe Tortell
    • Directors entering the second year of their terms:
  • Pat Gill
  • Ros Kunin
  • Motti Lis
  • Phil Moses
  • Marty Puterman
  • Allyson Rayner
    • Board nominees for two-year terms:
  • Jordana Corenblum
  • Mark Drew
  • Rabbi Yoni Gordis
  • Anne Gorsuch
  • Anton Miller
  • Michelle Soucie
  • Philippe Tortell
    • Nominations from the floor: Michal Fox by Judy Shane, declined
    • Nominee speeches

Richard Wassersug requested that nominees state their qualifications for board membership.

  • Election of directors for 2016-2017

Acceptance of nominees, moved by Gloria Levi, carried unanimously

  • Thanks to outgoing directors: Philippe Tortell


  1. Business from the floor
  • Zelik Segal suggested we consider an adult ed. forum via email: ” e-education”.
  • Vicki Robinson asked for a brief report on the cemetery. Marty Puterman reported the status of approval by the City is uncertain, though landscaping has begun.
  • Val Dolgin requested that either fish not be allowed at community meals or food be labeled when it contains animal products.
  • Gloria Levi suggested tzedakah disbursements be communicated to the kahal (to whom, why, how much) and that the kahal have input.
  1. Upcoming Or Shalom events: Next weekend’s Shabbaton on Jewish concepts around death and the afterlife.
  2. Motion to Adjourn at 12:53, by Fran Goldberg, carried

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Gill, Secretary


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