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Harley Rothstein’s Psukei D’zimrah and Shacharit online

Missed out on Harley’s Intermediate Davenning class? Want to learn to lead Shabbat services at Or Shalom but don’t know where to start? Harley has kindly made available the recordings of Or Shalom’s traditional Shabbat morning prayers and songs, and … Continue reading

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From the Rabbi – Parashat Trumah

“V’asu li mikdash, v’shachanti b’tocham.“ “Make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.” Menachem Mendel of Kotzk asked: “Where does God dwell?” His Chassidim answered: “The whole world is filled with God’s glory!” Menachem Mendel corrected them saying, “God dwells anywhere … Continue reading

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Spiritual “Hearing” Parashat Mishpatim – Rabbi Hannah’s Weekly Reflection

Spiritual “Hearing” Parashat Mishpatim To what are we enslaved? How does our slavery hold us back, nailed to the doorpost? And what would we hear if we freed ourselves from the comforts that swaddle us, muffling the still small voice … Continue reading

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