Board of Directors

Or Shalom is a registered charitable organization.

The 2018-19 (5779) Board of Directors are:

  • Valerie Dolgin – Secretary
  • Mark Drew – Human Resources
  • Abby Fitch – Office Liaison
  • Martin Gotfrit – Chair
  • Motti Lis
  • Roslyn Kunin – Strategic Financial Planning Committee (Chair)
  • Paul McCurry – Treasurer
  • Anton Miller
  • Mark Welch – Membership
  • Rima Wilkes – Executive at Large


There are numerous committees within the governance structure of Or Shalom, and joining any of them can be an excellent way to introduce yourself to the community and make a contribution of time and energy.

Ideas, questions, and suggestions? Contact us via email at board (at)


Board meeting minutes will be posted here once the board has voted on the minutes (at the following board meeting, one month after). In the November and December 2018 meetings the following motions were passed:

(1) Acceptance of  new Or Shalom members: Lise Minovitz, Eric Frey, Veronica Singer, Jeffery Bernstein, Sarah Bernstein and Corinne Logan.

(2) $750 allocated as budget for the Membership Committee

(3) Acceptance of the terms of reference (see below) for the 2019 Building Task Force. 

Housing Task Force Terms of Reference

Through the efforts of Or Shalom’s rabbi, staff, directors and volunteers, membership has grown over the past two and a half years to 220 families, a 20% increase. This growth presents us with challenges for the present and opportunities for the future. Guided by the vision and priorities established by the Board of Directors, a Housing Taskforce is established with the following terms of reference to develop plans for functional housing.

Functional Housing Taskforce

The Functional Housing Taskforce, in consultation with the Bayit Committee, the Strategic Financial Planning Committee, structural engineers and real estate professionals, will develop a facilities plan for housing Or Shalom. The plan will include:

  • Sanctuary, social hall, classrooms, office space, kitchen facilities and storage needed for Or Shalom now and with an expectation of growth to 250 families.
  • Recommendations of how to proceed to obtain the necessary facilities. The recommendations will include:
    • Analysis of whether and how the current building can be expanded to meet needs.
    • If the current building cannot be expanded, an analysis of whether Or Shalom should rebuild on site, purchase a new building, or enter into a long-term rental arrangement.
  • Budget.
  • Fundraising.

Time is of the essence. The Group will submit a preliminary report on functional housing to the Board within six months and a final report within nine months.

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