Board of Directors

Or Shalom is a registered charitable organization.

The 2019-20 (5780) Board of Directors is:

  • Mark Drew – Human Resources
  • Abby Fitch – Secretary
  • Martin Gotfrit – Co-chair
  • David Kauffman – Co-chair
  • Roslyn Kunin – Strategic Financial Planning Committee (Chair)
  • Paul McCurry – Financial Officer
  • Mark Welch – Membership
  • Deborah Ross-Grayman
  • Rima Wilkes – Executive at Large


There are numerous committees within the governance structure of Or Shalom, and joining any of them can be an excellent way to introduce yourself to the community and make a contribution of time and energy.

Ideas, questions, and suggestions? Contact us via email at board (at)

Board Meeting Summaries

Or Shalom Board of Directors meeting
March 25, 2020

The March Or Shalom Board Meeting Zoom Edition reviewed the rapid change we have had to make moving to a virtual online Shul, and the impact to staff and processes has been pretty fast and sometimes a bit rocky, and will take a few weeks to get smoother. Virtual services, minyanim, classes, and meetings are moving to Zoom and the Doar Shalom will be the source of the Zoom links (for this week). Our children’s programs have also moved online and Hannah is reaching out to the families with upcoming S’machot Mitzvot.

In other topics, the security system upgrades of the building are continuing, and our Treasurer Paul is looking into eligible federal programs for charities. We have decided to go ahead with our Annual Campaign as the campaign raises funds critical to our support of staff whom we wish to retain for the long term.

The board moved to thank the Gemilut Chesed Committee whose ethics, caring, and existing organizational excellence has put them in a position to step up to the present challenge, connecting us all quickly and with sensitivity. We encourage those who can to reach out to assist in volunteering, and to support this effort, as you are financially able, by donating to the Gemilut Chesed fund.


Or Shalom Board of Directors meeting
February 26, 2020

The treasurer gave a financial update. Revenues are somewhat behind due to late arriving campaign pledges and membership dues. Expenses are somewhat ahead as a result of under-staffing.

Tanya Hebron has been hired as Program & Events Coordinator, and will start on March 2. Shelley will continue part-time to facilitate the transition. Miriam Gindin has been hired as a short-term contractor in the role of Purim Event Coordinator. The board will thank Nicole for her excellent work replacing Tracey, who is returning as Office Manager on March 2.

The Chair Fest event on February 16 generated a good level of participation on ThoughtExchange. There is a summary available on the website. The board records its appreciation of the considerable work put in so far.

A sub-committee of the Bayit Task Force is meeting with two architectural firms, then will come forward with a recommendation of one. The architectural firm selected will create plans to use to see if the City of Vancouver will allow us to move forward. Important to note that significant funds for this endeavour have been pledged by major donors.

Installation of security improvements has begun and will be completed by the end of the month.

The Come On Over dinners have been well-subscribed, with some spots still available. The project has already passed its financial target.

Planning has begun for Campaign 2020, which will run from Pesach to Shavuot. The campaign is essential to organization functioning. Last year’s campaign was very successful. As last year, there is a target to raise additional funds to meet a matching pledge.

There was a discussion about cultural sensitivity of Purim costumes.

The next board meeting will be Wednesday, March 25.


Or Shalom Board of Directors meeting
January 29, 2020

Rabbi Hannah reported very good attendance at events and classes, which brings increased logistical demands. Among them, there is a need to centralize communication between volunteer sectors, so that relevant information is always shared.

A discussion was begun about the role of greeters at Shabbat morning services, with regard to arrivals throughout the service.

The co-chairs, Martin Gotfrit and Dave Kauffman, reported on the disappointing news that Avital Dattel withdrew from the Event Coordinator position before her start in early February. The hiring committee is renewing the candidate search.

In late January there were some significant problems with Or Shalom’s website and e-mail services, interrupting communications temporarily. On a positive note, with recently upgraded optical fibre, Or Shalom has started online streaming of Zusia classes. This new technical capacity allows outreach to people who can’t attend in person for reasons of distance or mobility.

Martin addressed the priority of leadership succession. The board will invite committees to present their personnel needs. Correspondingly, the board started to identify people to approach to join committees and the board.

The Open House for the Sanctuary Chairs Initiative has been set for Sunday, February 16, 2:00-4:00pm.

The Bayit Committee has conducted some preliminary financial activities. They will evaluate two architectural firms.

The Security Committee reported that a new needs assessment was conducted in January. The board approved Or Shalom’s part of the expenditure for the proposed security systems improvements.

Organization of the “C’mon Over” dinners is underway for February and March. More sign-up is encouraged to help make this a successful fundraiser and community-builder.

There was a discussion about taking measures to manage drinking and driving following the Purim celebration.

The Membership Committee presented one new member family whom the board approved: Tomer and Dar Goldenberg and their three children. The committee also presented an updated new membership form, which the board approved subject to some revision.

Nicole Linzmeyer is the acting Office Manager during Tracey Fagg’s vacation in February.

The next board meeting will be February 26.


Or Shalom Board of Directors meeting
18 December 2019

The co-chairs, Martin Gotfrit and Dave Kauffman, reported on the hiring of Avital Dattel as the new Event Coordinator. Avital is moving from Israel, and she has earlier work experience in the Vancouver Jewish community. She will start in early February.

Rabbi Hannah reported on a trial run of removing some of the pews for several recent events which were well-attended and drew favourable feedback. Planning is underway for another meditation retreat in early June.

There will be an Open House event in late January about new chairs for the sanctuary. There will be chair samples and renderings of furniture arrangement, and people will be invited to share feedback.

Organization of the “C’mon Over” dinners is underway for February and March.

There were reports about: some staffing administrative matters; the building security system plans; and a coming upgrade to the sound system.

The membership committee presented two new members whom the board approved: Wendy Rigby; Alan Chesick.

The next board meeting will be 29 January 2020.


Or Shalom Board of Directors meeting
20 November 2019

The board met for the first time since the AGM. Martin thanked outgoing board members Val Lev-Dolgin, Motti Lis, and Anton Miller. New members for 2019-2020 are Dave Kauffman and Deborah Ross-Grayman. Dave will join Martin Gotfrit as co-chair. Paul McCurry will continue as Financial Officer. Abby Fitch will act as Secretary.

Martin as continuing chair presented priorities for the coming year: integration of new members; hiring an events coordinator; Housing Task Force; sanctuary seating initiative; and improved communication to membership.

There were reports from or about: the Security Committee, regarding building security; the Bayit Committee, regarding building maintenance; the need to form an HR committee; holding a “C’mon Over” fundraiser series of dinners; preparation for a dues increase in 2020/21; the Strategic Financial Planning Committee; and the Membership Committee.

The membership committee presented one new member, Andrina Perry, whom the board approved.

The next board meeting will be 18 December.

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