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updated: November 2016

Eating together is an enthusiastically pursued mitzvah at Or Shalom. The Or Shalom kitchen and facilities are all dairy/pesceterian (for kosher fish – typically salmon and tuna), and in that sense, kosher. We prefer products which bear a Kosher seal, and we ask you to ensure that anything you bring does not contain ingredients from or derived from mammals, poultry or shellfish. Please ensure you read the ingredients of any purchased food you plan to bring.

If you are still not clear about what to bring to an Or Shalom potluck, remember that fresh fruit and vegetables are always a welcome addition.

The Or Shalom kitchen is pescetarian, but not certified Kosher. We have a large supply of plates and cutlery, and believe that part of Eco-Kashrut means avoiding using disposables that would end up in landfill. If additional plates and utensils are required, we prefer the use of compostables, even if that is a slightly higher cost.

Or Shalom composts all food waste in accordance with Vancouver city by-laws and ask everyone to clear their own plate into compost before putting them, cups and cutlery into the bins for washing.

If the food you prepare or bring is certifiably nut-free, or gluten-free, we ask that you mark it as such or use one of the signs available from the kitchen. Some participants at Or Shalom have serious food allergies and we want to accommodate their needs by specially marking those foods as suitable for restricted diets. We ask if you do not need to limit yourself to restricted foods, that you leave them for those who may be.

The Or Shalom Kiddush Pledge

If you attend Or Shalom Shabbat services, we’d like you to consider taking this Shabbat Kiddush pledge:

As a guest of the Or Shalom Shabbat Kiddush I promise to:

  • bring food for potluck events, or if unable to, make a donation to Or Shalom to support Kiddush
  • take only what I can eat, so no uneaten food is left on my plate
  • take small sized helpings so that the people behind me can have similar size helpings, knowing that there may be seconds if everyone has firsts first
  • scrape my plate of any food into the compost bin, ensuring it goes into the bag
  • place my dishes, cups, and cutlery in the bus-bins
  • help clear the buffet table, and wipe down the long and round tables
  • join us for a brief prayer after eating

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