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18 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Danny Fedder says:

    Can I pay online for my membership? Danny

    • Or Shalom says:

      yes you can. Click on the “Giving to Or Shalom” menu item and that will take you to our donations page where you can pay your membership online. Please remember there is an additional 3% fee we request for paying by credit card. You can save that by mailing or bringing a cheque to the office.

  2. Gary Block says:

    I have been in Vancouver for six years coming from Australia, but born in South Africa, I have been brought up orthodox but I am more reform these days. I want to connect within a community where I feel belonged and heard about this cogeneration.

    • Or Shalom says:

      We have a number of members from South Africa, and at least one from New Zealand. We welcome people returning to explore their Judaism and welcome people every Shabbat. Come and daven with us!

  3. Or Shalom says:

    The search field is a full-text indexed search, but only works on the “new” wordpress pages, not the legacy web site, written in Microsoft Word before this kind of thing became fashionable. Once we migrate all the legacy pages into the wordpress site search will be more effective.

  4. leo says:

    Hello I am from Brazil and I am going for Vancouver.
    I would like to know if is possible to see a shabbat.

    tank you

  5. Alisa L says:

    I emailed a couple of years ago, asking about hebrew school for my young son. I was told “not yet” but that it was in the works… after visiting your website, I am lost. I can’t find any mention of meaningful jewish education for children, as Or Shalom had in years past. Can you tell me please if any such education is available? We don’t want to wait any longer to involve our son in jewish education… Thank you, and Shana Tova.

    • We’re very sorry Alisa, but Or Shalom is not currently offering a hebrew school. There are several offerings from other synagogues such as Beth Israel and Temple Sholom, and the Vancouver Hebrew Day School Talmud Torah.

  6. Michal Fox says:

    Hi Please provide Reb Hannah’s email address.
    Sweet new Year!!!

  7. Anita says:

    I’m a Jewish descent person currently exploring Judaism. I wonder if the rabbi is open to people who need to talk some about this topic and considering conversion. Is this possible? Thanks!!

  8. Laszlo Galambos says:

    Hello Or Shalom community!

    I came to your community from Toronto searching for new beginnings. I attended your family Shabbat event at the end of November, and I had a wonderful, welcoming experience. Thank you!
    However, about 2 weeks ago, I had to leave Vancouver due to a family health issue, and I need to be with my immediate family now. I hope I can return to Vancouver and to your community in 2016 to continue my exploration of Judaism and your community.

    Thank you for all the good memories and help I have received!

    Laszlo from Toronto

    • Martha Barker says:

      Dear Lazlo,

      I remember meeting you when you came. I introduced you to Aboya in the kitchen and to a young man in the dining room. You brought apples. Thank you!

      I hope we’ll see you again. In the meantime, my husband and I send our support to you and your family and will keep in our thoughts.

      Martha Barker

      • Laszlo Galambos says:

        Hi Martha,

        Yes, I was the guy who brought the apples… If I remember correctly, you called me the “apple of my eye”? 🙂

        Thanks for introducing me to Ibolya (I speak the same language as she does), it was a very good idea! All of you helped so much in reducing my nervousness / apprehension.

        Thank you for your good wishes!

        All the best to you and your husband.


  9. Jade says:


    I want to lean more about your niggun programing or clases.
    Last Sunday I atended Limud and I love how we were able to sing while praying and connecting to Gd and the community.

    Thank you,


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