Hats Off to Or Shalom at 40!

Thanks for voting for a cap design celebrating Or Shalom’s 40th anniversary! Voting is now closed. Hats will be available to purchase mid- to late June.

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10 Responses to Hats Off to Or Shalom at 40!

  1. Heather Kulyk McDonald says:

    My vote is for Logo “B”. I would purchase one hat.

  2. Robert Bateman says:

    My vote is for imprint B.
    I would purchase one.

  3. Carol Bentley says:

    I like the design B. I live in North Carolina USA but would love to order a hat or two when available. Would it be possible to order when they are ready and have shipped to my home? Please advise.
    If I ever have a chance to get to BC, I definitely want to come visit your congregation.

  4. Eric Bonfield says:

    Sample B reminds me of the original hat made 25 years ago and has aesthetic as well as nostalgic appeal. Kymn has a sample of that original hat and it looks very good.

  5. Tracey Fagg says:

    Logo A

  6. Fran Goldberg says:

    My vote is B. I’d order two.

  7. Mrs. Lorri Prime says:

    Good Morning,

    I would purchase 4- 2 of each design – 2 purple, and 2 blue, please and thank you.

  8. Karen Rabinovitch says:

    My vote is B because I don’t like to see Or Shalom abbreviated.
    Having said that, I would prefer a visor to a hat as it fits my hair better.

  9. Malka martz-overlander says:

    Voting for B
    Malka and julie

  10. Avril Orloff says:

    Looks like I’m in the minority – I like the more modern look of A. And I definitely prefer “Vancouver’s Spiritual Playground” on the back to “Vancouver’s East-Side Shul”. Why limit ourselves to the east side?

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