Holy Listening at Or Shalom

There’s nothing better than feeling heard. And there’s nothing more gratifying than being in relationship with others whom we truly hear, feeling known in return.

Or Shalom is a family by choice, a beautiful family – talented and generous, smart, and varied, each in the particularity of our own history and in the individuality of our own soul’s expression. There are sensitivities and perspectives we share that draw us together so that we can raise our voices in the harmony of prayer-song.

Mark Winston and Rabbi Hannah generously trained facilitators from within our community, and on Sunday morning, approximately 60 Or Shalom members came together to engage in our first communal dialogue: What is Inclusion and Egalitarianism in 2017. We pulled our chairs together in love and listening to speak to, and hear one another. A summary report will be available in mid-February.

We are loved by an unending love. Ours are the arms, the fingers, the voices. Ours are the hands, the eyes, the smiles. In these days of seeing how important it is to hear the Other, we are starting with listening to One Another.


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