Jewish Ghost Stories

Twilight Between the Worlds: Jewish Tales of Ghosts, Wandering Spirits                                                          and Reincarnating Souls

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As darkness descends, the crack between the worlds becomes apparent. Through the story-telling traditions of Jewish folk religion we shall enter the invisible worlds populated by ghosts, lost souls, haunting spirits, dybbukim, and heavenly angelic guides.

Guest scholar and story-teller:
REB SIMCHA RAPHAEL, PH.D. author of Jewish Views of the Afterlife.

This program is presented free to the public by Or Shalom Synagogue in collaboration with Mountain View Cemetery, future home of the Or Shalom Cemetery. This evening is part of a weekend-long Shabbaton called “Judaism and the Mysteries of Life, Death, and the World Beyond”, a weekend-long learning experience which you may also be interested in. Full Shabbaton information is available here.

Saturday Evening, November 26, 7PM
The Celebration Hall at Mountain View Cemetery
5455 Fraser St
Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z3

Admission for this event is free but requires registration. Seating is limited in the Mountain View Cemetery Celebration Hall