Light in Winter Concert Series

Spring has arrived, and so the Light in Winter Concert series is concluded for winter of 2019. We brought Sasha, Craig and Mark back for a yiddish Lebedik concert, and the Tribute Concert to the Music of Myrna Rabinowitz.

Or Shalom is always on the look-out for talented musicians to play in our warm and welcoming concert series, even when it isn’t winter. Contact Or Shalom Light in Winter Concerts for more information.

Playing at Or Shalom is a great experience, in a small hall with great acoustics, with an attentive and enthusiastic audience.

Comments from previous performers:

“Playing Or Shalom is a beautiful experience. The audience is a real community, with a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. They clearly believe in the spiritual power of music to bring people together, heal and celebrate. And they listen! More than a gig.”
Geoff Berner

“Or Shalom was one of the highlights of our BC tour 2018. We were amazed by the natural acoustic of the synagogue as well as the great listening and the warmth of the audience. We would play there again anytime!”
– Gabriel Paquin-Buki, Oktopus

I have played at Or Shalom a few times in the past and the experience every time was very beautiful. The audience is super attentive and listening deeply to the music, the staff is always warm and helpful, and their commitment and dedication to bring the best sound to the room is amazing!
Thank you!! – Itamar Erez

Performing at Or Shalom is a joy that I have experienced a couple of times.  The performance space at Or Shalom is intimate with excellent sound.  I felt the audience focus very deeply on my music which makes it such a joy to play – hope to do so again sometime soon,
Ed Henderson

Light In Winter Concerts 2018
January 6, 2018 - The Shari Ulrich Trio
February 3, 2018 - Guitarists Ed Henderson & Itamar Erez
March 17, 2018 - Geoff Berner Band


Oktopus at Or Shalom


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