Or Shalom Cemetery Background

Or Shalom has something special to celebrate this Pesach 5777. Our community is now assured, for the first time, of having its own cemetery. In February, Vancouver City Council approved an agreement giving Or Shalom the right to develop a section of Mountain View Cemetery (MVC) for use by our members. This follows 3 ½ years of discussion and negotiations by the OS Cemetery Committee with the City, which owns and operates the historic cemetery.

For information, feedback, or questions about the Or Shalom Cemetery email cemetery@orshalom.ca

Proposed Policies for the Or Shalom Area of Mountain View Cemetery

Recordings of April 19 Teaching – Halacha related to the Or Shalom Cemetery:

Part 1 – Rabbi Hannah’s Teachings


Part 2 – Rabbi Susan’s Teachings


For a text version of these teachings:

Teaching – Halacha related to Or Shalom Cemetery April 19 (1)

For further study:

Cremation in the Jewish Tradition by Rabbi Morris M. Shapiro

Burial-of-Non-Jewish-Spouse-and-Children by Rabbi Kassel Abelson and Rabbi Loel M. Weiss