Or Shalom Concert Series – Jake Shulman-Ment

Internationally acclaimed musicians from New York and France, Jake Shulman-Ment and Eleonore Weill share an exceptionally expressive and intimate understanding of klezmer and Yiddish folk song. In this program, they perform old songs of political and social resistance, wandering, and love, instrumental dances and improvisations, and spiritual melodies. Combining music they have played since childhood with material they have collected along their many roads through Europe and North America, as well as original compositions, they explore the boundaries of Yiddish music with creative repertoire, instrumentation, and interpretation.

Jake Shulman-Ment– violin, vocals, accordion, guitar

Eleonore Weill – vocals, flutes, accordion, hurdy gurdy

7:30pm, Thursday November 29, 2018, 710 East 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC.

Recommended ticket price is $36, Or Shalom policy includes allowing people to attend who cannot afford the full ticket price by choosing a price.

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