Or Shalom Garden

The Or Shalom garden is a small section for growing fruit and vegetables. It’s a great learning opportunity for children and adults to learn about growing our own food. We also have a grapevine and a fig tree.

Garden Watering Sign-Up

  • Thank you the 2018 summer volunteers! We currently have a volunteer for each week this summer.

    Thank you for helping to keep our garden healthy this summer! Please fill out the fields below and select a week (or more) you would like to water. Each week begins on a Sunday and the garden will need to be watered three times each week (unless it rains). It should take about 20 minutes each time.

    Once confirmed, a diagram will be sent to you with the locations of the hose and the beds and plants to be watered.

    Tips: Space out your waterings to every other day (suggested days: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday). Water during the coolest part of the day, morning or evening, to avoid the water evaporating and not actually penetrating the plants' roots.


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