OSSRI Donations

During the February 2017, The Or Shalom Syrian Resettlement Initiative (OSSRI) received some great news – our 3 sponsored families who remain in northern Iraq and Turkey will be flying here during the next few weeks; we expect all the families to arrive by the start of April. At the same time, we have taken a close look at our budgets and the financial resources we have already collected. The community has generously contributed about $160,000 towards the re-settlement of our families which we initially believed would be sufficient to fund our families for a year. However, it has become evident that our refugee families incur substantial costs prior to their arrival in Canada. These costs relate to the expense of transportation and lodging when they travel from their refugee camps to interviews and medical exams with the Canadian government, the cost of their travel to Canada, the cost of medical exams, and the cost of exit visas. The OSSRI Steering Committee has decided to pay for these expenses rather than burden the new immigrants with these expenses, and has also decided that it would be wrong to claw back government support programs which are provided directly to these families. The net result of these decisions, together with the need to put aside some contingency funds, is that OSSRI will need to raise an additional ~$40,000 to meet its obligations.

Donations to the OSSRI receive a charitable receipt from Or Shalom Spiritual Community, and are used exclusively to support this resettlement program.