Philosophers’ Circle for Post-B’nei Mitzvah

What is the Philosophers’ Circle?

The Philosophers’ Circle is Or Shalom’s Post-B’nei Mitzvah program. In 2017, we hope to have monthly events that focus on bringing together the post-b’nei mitzvah teens for fun and stimulating activities covering topics of Jewish expression and identity, social justice and other relevant questions that our teens want to bring to the table.

Upcoming Event:


When: February 25, 6:30-8:30pm

What: Iron Chef Eco-Kashrut Cook Off! With Tu Bishvat not far behind us, we’ll explore ideas of eco-kashrut and what it means to use a Jewish lens to understand our connection to the earth and the environment. Then, our Philosophers’ Circle teens will break into teams and show off their creativity and cooking prowess!

Cost: FREE

Please RSVP  by Monday, February 20th.


Past Events:


When: January 22, 5-8pm

What: After learning some basic graffiti terms and techniques, we’ll explore the social commentary made by graffiti artists, with special attention to some of the major Jewish and Israeli graffiti happening today. We’ll delve into questions like “who owns art?” and “what should motivate Jewish expression?” Finally, we’ll get to practice our skills with some stencilling and top it all with PIZZA DINNER.



At the first session of the Philosophers’ Circle, which took place at Camp Hope as part of the Or Shalom Family Retreat, our teens discussed some teachings for Pirkei Avot with Rabbi Hannah and Dr. Shira Weidenbaum, Professor French Literature at Quest University.