Preparing for Yamim Noraim – Jazz Selichot

Prepare for Rosh Hashanah in a new way this year. Rabbi Hannah and guest  jazz saxophonist Rabbi Neil Blumofe will meld Chassidic melody with jazz, accompanied by a fine band of local musicians.

Mark this date for Or Shalom’s first Jazz Selichot – you won’t find anything like this!

Jazz Selichot-high res

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5 Responses to Preparing for Yamim Noraim – Jazz Selichot

  1. Kati Brisebois says:

    Hi. I did not see a price for this event; – jazz, on 9-24….if i could make a reservation, i’d love to have 3 tickets (provided…the price is not sky-high…) Thx.

  2. Emily says:

    Do I need to be a member to come?

    • admin says:

      in a word, no. The event is open to the community. Or Shalom welcomes everyone to participate in our High Holydays services regardless of ability to pay. If your financial situation prevents you from purchasing a membership, you may wish to make a high holidays donation, see

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