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Or Shalom offers High Holyday membership for people who just attend Rosh Hashanah and/or Yom Kippur when Or Shalom relocates to the Vancouver JCC and hosts 500 guests.

No one is turned away from High Holiday services at Or Shalom, and we rely on the generosity of those that can afford to make the requested donation, to defray some of the costs we incur in bringing this mitzvah to the Vancouver Jewish community.

Thank you for your High Holyday membership donation and your support for Or Shalom.

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  1. Richard Wassersug

    I wanted to buy one separate adult High Holiday tickets and also make a donation at the same time. That doesn’t seem possible on this website. I may have to try over. If I do, b=please consider this a donation plus a single Young Adult High Holiday ticket.

    • admin

      The web site now has a shopping basket model, so you could purchase a high holidays membership, add it to your basket, then go to Giving to Or Shalom, and make a donation. The two items will be in your basket, and you can pay for them together at checkout.

  2. Marshall Wilensky

    Kol Ha Kavod

  3. Gail Gumprich

    I look forward the High Holy Days

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