Tribute Concert to the Music of Myrna Rabinowitz

We at Or Shalom are grateful to our community’s wonderful singer and songwriter Myrna Rabinowitz for her many contributions to our prayers and niggunim. This year as part of the Light in Winter Concert series, we will celebrate Myrna’s music with a concert of her songs, played by musicians in and around Or Shalom and our wider communities. 

The Tribute Concert will be Saturday March 9, 2019 starting at 7:30pm

Please bring a potluck dessert for the intermission. Tickets are by donation. Be sure to join Myrna, her family and friends for this unique and heart-warming event.

Hashiveinu: Songs of Blessing and Prayer  (Available on iTunes, CD Baby, SpotifyYouTube, etc.)

‘Hashiveinu’ is Myrna’s first solo album of her original songs of prayer and blessing.

  1. Hashiveinu
  2. Modah Ani (Modah Ani)
  3. Baruch She-amar 
  4. One River (Marriage Blessing)
  5. Halleluyah
  6. Blessing For My Son
  7. Birchot Hashachar (Morning Blessings)
  8. Simchat Bat (Blessing for Baby Girl)
  9. Yismach Moshe
  10. I Will Follow (Ruth’s Song)
  11. Barchi Nafshi
  12. Lecha Dodi
  13. Shalom Chant

Sim Shalom (available on CD Baby, Spotify, YouTubeAmazon, etc.)

The album ‘Sim Shalom’ is a collection of songs of prayer and blessing that Myrna Rabinowitz composed and recorded on 3 different albums: ‘Or Shalom – Songs of the Heart’ and ‘And You Shall Teach Your Children’ with Shir Hadash (Hanna Tiferet Siegel and Harley Rothstein) and the Mimkomcha was recorded on Hanna Tiferet’s first solo album ‘The Healing Circle’ with accompanying vocals by Nomi Fenson. These songs of prayer and blessing were recorded in the 1980’s during the early beginnings of the Or Shalom Synagogue in Vancouver, Canada and the Jewish Renewal movement. The seeds of creating original music for prayer were planted by Rabbis Daniel Siegel and Hanna Tiferet Siegel who started the Or Shalom community. ‘Sim Shalom’ was the first song of prayer Myrna composed and was thus chosen as the title of this album.

1. Oseh Shalom
2. Yi’h’iyu L’ratzon (May the Words of My Mouth)
3. Mi Ya’aleh
4. Ani L’dodi
5. A Blessing for My Daughter
6. Hatov
7. Mimkomcha
8. Sim Shalom
9. Adon Olam
10. Nigun

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