March 9 Concert – Tribute to Myrna Rabinovitz

We at Or Shalom are grateful to our community’s wonderful singer and songwriter Myrna Rabinowitz for her many contributions to our prayers and niggunim. This year as part of the Light in Winter Concert series, we will celebrate Myrna’s music with a concert of her songs, played by musicians in and around Or Shalom and our wider communities.

Performance at Myrna’s concert will require submitting an audition – there will not be an opportunity for “open mic.” You may choose from any of Myrna’s recorded compositions listed on the event web page. Myrna has many beautiful songs that we don’t sing regularly at Or Shalom, so we encourage you to explore her music and perhaps find a new song that speaks to you.

Deadline for Submission of auditions is February 14, 2019.

Click here for Myrna’s Song List and instructions on how to request to perform at this tribute concert.

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