Updating your Credit Card Info

Or Shalom uses Moneris, Canada’s largest online payment site, so ensure you have maximum security of your credit card data. We do not store your credit card info on our web site. When you need to change your card number, or update your expiry date, we are required to have you re-register that card. Only you can alter your credit card data.

Here are the steps to update your credit card info on the Or Shalom website.

Step 1: Login into your Or shalom account page, found at orshalom.ca/my-account

Step 2: Select “Subscriptions” from the menu items on the left

Step 3: Select the Subscription you want to update with your new your credit card or updated expiry date

Step 4: Press the “Change Payment” button

Step 5: Click on “Use a new card” (Even though you may be only changing your expiry date, to the system this appears to be a new card and needs to replace your expired card.)

Step 6: enter your credit card and expiry date into the appropriate places, the click on “Change Payment Method”

You will get a confirmation that your credit card has been updated.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Or Shalom.