What to Bring to the Or Shalom Retreat

(2016 version)

What to Bring to the Or Shalom Retreat

This just in! – Wear a plaid shirt on Friday to give Reb Irwin an “authentic” Canadian welcome! (see his Or Shalom Promo)

Welcome to Camp Hope!

  • Check-in at Camp Hope starts at 4 pm on Friday – Shabbat dinner from 7 pm to 8 pm. If you leave town after 3 pm give yourself about 2 to 3 hours to arrive at Camp Hope.
  • Candle lighting and Family Kabbalat Shabbat starts at 8-ish pm.
  • If you require specialty food or drink items (e.g. gluten or dairy free) PLEASE bring these items to Camp Hope as special dietary requirements cannot be accommodated. There is a fridge that you can use and we suggest you clearly label your food and beverage items…that way they won’t inadvertently be consumed by other guests

Suggested Packing List

We’re trying to be greener and save on the disposables, so please bring your own travel mug (lidded preferably). These will be especially helpful for late night nosh time organized by Or Shalom volunteers. 

Ritual items:

  • Siddur (Please mark with your name – a book cover would be great!)
  • Tallit
  • Kippah
  • Tefillin (workshop on Sunday morning…take your tefillin out of the closet) Please bring extra sets if you have them.

Fun stuff:

  • Flashlight (especially if you’re tenting)
  • Baseball glove (for you-know-what)
  • Light hiking boots or sturdy runners for walking around the property
  • Water bottle and little backpack if you are going on a hike
  • Outdoor clothing (Yes, that means “rain coat”.)
  • Board games, cards, puzzles, mah jong
  • Soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, kid-friendly balls
  • Wheeled toys for kids – especially scooters!
  • Costumes and props, if you have them
  • Musical instruments

Other stuff:

  • Shampoo
  • Soap and towels, sleeping bags (if you’re tenting)
  • Snacks if you get peckish between meals
  • Clock radio or alarm clock for your room
  • Blow dryer if you’re the blow drying type
  • Ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper
  • Any food you require for your special dietary needs
  • Your own coffee mug–to avoid the disposables
  • Meds that you take
  • Your enthusiasm and desire to learn and have a great time!
  • Something to sit on if we have a campfire (camp stool/chair, mat?)

Note: Lodge rooms come with linens, towels and soap. They don’t come with shampoo, or clock.

What to leave at home:

  • Your pet(s)
  • Your cell phone (OK, you can bring it, but turn it off most of the time.)
  • Alcohol (the drinking kind) – please be mindful, we’re at a 7th Day Adventist retreat centre and they do not allow alcohol.
  • Tobacco
  • Your cares and worries 





The Mountain View Conference Centre / Camp Hope is located on 7th Day Adventist Road just off Highway 7 about 7 kms west of Hope. To get there you can drive all the way on Highway 7 from Vancouver (the scenic route) or drive on the Trans Canada to Hope and backtrack a few kms. Allow about 3 hours.


Take Hwy. 1 (Trans-Canada) to Chilliwack; 15 km past Chilliwack take exit 135 (Harrison Agassiz). Continue north on Hwy. 9 until it merges into Hwy. 7 at a railroad overpass. Continue east on Hwy.7 for approximately 25 km following the signs marked “Hope”. The Mountain View Conference Centre / Camp Hope is on the left (north) side of the road and well-marked with a sign. Just prior to the Centre is a First Nations Reserve on the left. But an important and useful road marker is a gas pipeline over the road. If you come to it you have gone about 1.5 km too far.

From the town of Hope, travel north on Hwy. 1 (Trans Canada) 3 km to the exit for Hwy. 7 (Harrison Agassiz). Travel west 6 km to a large red and white overhead pipeline. 1 km after the pipeline, turn right at the “Camp Hope/Mountain View” sign.

For web-based mapping, the actual address is: 61855 Lougheed Hwy, Hope , BC

Happy driving.

The phone number for the Conference Centre is (604) 869-2615. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


The retreat team