Aleph Listening Tour comes to Vancouver March 25-27.

The Aleph co-chairs are visiting several of the Jewish Renewal communities in North America, and they’ve added a Vancouver leg to hear from Or Shalom, Canada’s oldest Jewish Renewal community. Having the Aleph co-chairs visit our community is an opportunity for you/us/Or Shalom to shape and ground the future of Aleph, Jewish Renewal and Judaism.

Co-chairs Rabbi Rachel Barenblat and Rabbi David Evan Markus, want to hear the ideas, opinions, and values they should be considering, mulling over, and representing in discussions during their tenure as Aleph co-chairs. Some of the questions they’ve posed are: When thinking about Jewish Renewal, what would you jettison or change?  What focus might you recommend for Jewish Renewal in coming years? How can we cultivate spiritual and organizational innovation? Please come to the above event to share your perspective on behalf of Or Shalom.


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