Annual General Meeting

Or Shalom Jewish Spiritual Community Association 

A N N U A L   G E N E R A L   M E E T I N G

Sunday, November 4, 2018, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

O r   S h a l o m   S y n a g o g u e

710 East 10th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C.

Call for Expression of Interest to be a Director on the Or Shalom Board  

The Or Shalom Board of Directors nomination committee has been hard at work for the past several months seeking to identify qualified Or Shalom Members to sit on our Board. In addition to these efforts, we are putting out a “Call for Expression of Interest” to our Members. Or Shalom is seeking energetic, committed individuals who are willing to roll up their sleeves to undertake and lead specific initiatives. Presently, the Or Shalom Board is an operational board (i.e., “a doing” Board) and is looking for Members to lead several strategic projects over the next few years. In addition to the list of competencies and skills listed below, please find attached the Director job description.  

Essential Requirements to apply:

  • Must be a member in good standing as of June 2018
  • Must be at least 19 years old

Essential competencies to apply:

  • Strong interpersonal skills and a track record of collaboration 
  • Ability to mobilize people
  • Ability to achieve results by aligning people and resources to organizational goals
  • Ability to promote stewardship of financial and organizational resources

Essential skills Or Shalom’s Board is seeking:

  • Demonstrated track record in fundraising and development, in particular creating and leading campaigns and/or grant writing
  • Working background in database creation and management
  • Finance and accounting 
  • Human resource expertise (recruitment, retention and planning)
  • Organisational expertise
  • Governance expertise
  • Educational programming

If you would like to part of a great organization and think you can help Or Shalom take advantage of many new and exciting opportunities that are being created by our talented and wonderful Rabbi, please send your CV and a short letter outlining how you meet the essential requirements, competencies and skills to by 3 p.m. on October 26, 2018. 

The nomination committee will be in touch with you about your expression of interest by October 31, 2018. 

Or Shalom
DRAFT Job Description
“Director:” Member of Or Shalom Board of Directors

The Board is elected by the Or Shalom membership at the Annual General Meeting. Directors are nominated by the board as well as from the floor at the AGM. “Directors” typically serve for a two-year term in a staged rotation.

The legal responsibilities of a director are described in the “Or Shalom: Jewish Spiritual Community Board of Directors Manual.” Also relevant is the Or Shalom “Code of Conduct” for the Board of Directors.

What follows is a summary description of key responsibilities.

Director responsibilities include:

1.  Provide oversight for all activities that advance Or Shalom’s effectiveness and sustainability. This includes attending and being an active participant in monthly Board meetings, strategic planning sessions, and the yearly AGM. Stay informed about committee matters, prepare well for meetings, review and comment on minutes and reports. This involves careful reading and consideration of the agenda and other materials sent to the Board. Let the Co-Chairs know if unable to attend a meeting. Participate in orientation activities/training.

2.    Be attentive and vigilant in matters that require a commitment of confidentiality and privacy.

3.    Take care of Or Shalom by ensuring prudent, wise use of its assets including the facility, people, and finances. Approve Or Shalom’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions which includes being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities as outlined in the “Or Shalom: Jewish Spiritual Community Board of Directors Manual.”

4.     Chair, serve on, or be a board liaison to committees or task forces. Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time.

5.     Be an active member of Or Shalom by attending events. Help represent Or Shalom to the community; act as an informal ambassador for Or Shalom both within the community and beyond.

6.  Energetically participate in Or Shalom’s annual fund raising campaign and additional fundraising and community-building efforts. Make Or Shalom one of your priorities for giving tzedakah and make annual gifts that reflect your financial capacity in order to credibly solicit contributions from other individuals, foundations, and organizations.

7.     Maintain your status as a member in good standing and fulfill your obligation to the Or Shalom building fund as you are able.

8.     Commit to an available time of approximately 5-10 hours per month.


D R A F T Meeting Minutes 2016

  1. Introduction and Kavanah: R’ Hannah
  2. Call to order at 11:13: Dave Kauffman
  3. Approval of Agenda for 2016 AGM
  4. Approval of Minutes from 2015 AGM, as amended, moved by Lorne Mallin, carried

Errors and omissions:

  • Change the date to 2015.
  1. Co-Chairs’ Report: Dave Kauffman and Philippe Tortell

Dave announced his retirement from the Board and recalled highlights from his six years of service. He also thanked a number of people who have been critical to Or Shalom’s success. Philippe reviewed the major events from the past year and spoke of our future with a rabbi who has a vision for Or Shalom’s growth.

  1. Financial Report – Marty Puterman

The synagogue is in a good financial position, showing $14,800 over budget. Acceptance of Financial Statement moved by Ron Einblau, carried

  1. Election of Board of Directors
    • Directors completing their terms:
  • Jordana Corenblum
  • Mark Drew
  • Ron Einblau
  • Robert Ezzy
  • Dave Kauffman
  • Heidi Mannis
  • Philippe Tortell
    • Directors entering the second year of their terms:
  • Pat Gill
  • Ros Kunin
  • Motti Lis
  • Phil Moses
  • Marty Puterman
  • Allyson Rayner
    • Board nominees for two-year terms:
  • Jordana Corenblum
  • Mark Drew
  • Rabbi Yoni Gordis
  • Anne Gorsuch
  • Anton Miller
  • Michelle Soucie
  • Philippe Tortell
    • Nominations from the floor: Michal Fox by Judy Shane, declined
    • Nominee speeches

Richard Wassersug requested that nominees state their qualifications for board membership.

  • Election of directors for 2016-2017

Acceptance of nominees, moved by Gloria Levi, carried unanimously

  • Thanks to outgoing directors: Philippe Tortell


  1. Business from the floor
  • Zelik Segal suggested we consider an adult ed. forum via email: ” e-education”.
  • Vicki Robinson asked for a brief report on the cemetery. Marty Puterman reported the status of approval by the City is uncertain, though landscaping has begun.
  • Val Dolgin requested that either fish not be allowed at community meals or food be labeled when it contains animal products.
  • Gloria Levi suggested tzedakah disbursements be communicated to the kahal (to whom, why, how much) and that the kahal have input.
  1. Upcoming Or Shalom events: Next weekend’s Shabbaton on Jewish concepts around death and the afterlife.
  2. Motion to Adjourn at 12:53, by Fran Goldberg, carried

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Gill, Secretary


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