Building Fund

The Or Shalom Building Fund is maintained to support the physical structure of our synagogue – everything from roof repair, painting, fixing windows, maintaining the heating and hot water systems, and ongoing issues with plumbing.

Because these expenses are unscheduled, and can be expensive, Or Shalom ask each adult member to make a $2,500 donation over the course of their membership at Or Shalom, which for most of us is over several decades.


Is the building fund a requirement of joining Or Shalom?
No, contributing to the building fund is is not a required part of becoming an Or Shalom member, but an obligation we ask members to take on as part of their membership with Or Shalom.

When do I have to pay the building fund?
We ask that each member contribute to the fund in a way that suits them. Some pay it all at once when that’s affordable, some pay it over many years.

We are family members of Or Shalom, are we expected to pay for two contributions?
The building fund request is for $2,500 from each adult member.