Building Task Force Chat

00:45:01 Bonnie Klein: Can we install a heat pump in existing building to increase sustainability?
00:53:59 chavisa: Is it possible to have a bigger classroom and a straight ramp ? – instead of the curved ramp that is using up a lot of space.  Could the ramp start outside?
01:00:41 Bonnie Klein: What is the total number of bathrooms? Are they all accessible? Any shower?
01:01:35 dianne liscumb: How many doors go to outside? I’m thinking of security considerations.
01:02:03 Avi Dolgin: A few years ago we started using FEWER entrances due to security concerns. Now we’re adding more entrances.  Will we, in fact, use them or will they be mostly sealed as many entrances to Jewish buildings are today?
01:03:34 Alycia Fridkin: Can we consider safety features for any emergencies that might happen in washrooms including doors swinging out and can be unlocked if needed from outside, emergency or panic buttons inside or motion sensors?
01:04:28 Tracey: Is there an another option rather than stairs to access the kitchen from Fraser St?  Caterers will not be able to roll in a trolley via a stair entrance.  Also, members may not wish to use stairs to carry food using the stairs.
01:05:46 Mark and Tiferet Welch: Could you expand on the wheelchair access to all areas?
01:06:07 Ross Andelman: Does expansion East take in consideration the Sukkah?
01:06:44 Alycia Fridkin: VCH has washroom safety guidelines for overdose response – they can also serve as guidelines for any emergency response in washrooms:
01:10:14 EmetGDavis: Will we hire a grant writer to obtain one-time monies as per 30%—or, ideally, a larger share to reduce the burden on the membership?
01:10:37 Marty and Dodie: Do we have confidence that existing structure is in good enough state that it won’t require major renovations.
01:11:24 Alycia Fridkin: Do we need to consider seismic upgrades? Dodi and Marty’s question reminded me of this…
01:11:59 Tanya Paz (she/her): Do you know any of these folks? City of Vancouver Board of Variance: Members
City Council appointed five members to the board on July 20, 2021. Terms expire July 31, 2024.
Gilbert Tan – Board Chair
Rakshin Kandola
Matthew Naylor
Namtez (Babbu) Sohal
Simona Tudor
01:14:42,: From Stan Robertshaw. { am employed at Rona Hardware in Richmond. If there is some way that this can help to contribute to this project by all means please contact me.
01:14:58 Avi Dolgin: As a general rule of thumb, a building envelope (repelling water entry) is good for 35 years. We renovated this building 28 years ago. We know of water entry on the north side. Has the building been inspected by a building envelope engineer to advise us on the other three sides?  I’d hate to see us doing all this work now, and then reopening the wall in ten years to do what we omitted.
01:15:28 Miriam Gindin: Could please repeat our zoning category?
01:16:19 Alycia Fridkin: Solar powered mikvah!
01:16:40 Alycia Fridkin: mikvah that doubles as a hot tub
01:17:10 Fran: The revised sanctuary level does not provide any buffer between entry door and sanctuary door.  I find it most annoying that folks entering late simply walk in without changing to their indoor voices.  Even walking through a cloakroom would be an improvement.
01:18:11 dianne liscumb: What is the estimated time frame once required permits are in place?
01:20:40 Mark and Tiferet Welch: Are we certain that there is no asbestos in the building?
01:21:16 Ron: will windows on the east side of the sanctuary be replaced and upgraded?
01:23:45 Mark and Tiferet Welch: Do we have an estimate of how much the annual running costs will increase?
01:23:51 Alycia Fridkin: This is not so much about architecture, but wondering if we can work in to our plan having some permanent signage acknowledging the Indigenous Peoples whose land we are on?
01:24:10 Bonnie Klein: Is someone collecting the chat as there are some excellent points and suggestions.
01:24:29 Marianne Rev: Have you considered air purifying system? Given pandemics and annual wildfires, this is important to consider.
01:24:34 Avril Orloff: Yes, Bonnie – I’m saving the chat and will be sending it to the committee.
01:24:55 chavisa: Can the ramp commence outdoors?
01:25:13 Mark and Tiferet Welch: A question about sight lines and safety when accessing the building, esp at the front. Would the large tree make for hidden (hiding) areas?
01:25:54 Karen Rabinovitch: fro Motti: a few years ago, drainage was replaced on the west side, Fraser side.
01:26:25 Karen Rabinovitch: cont: Will this be taken into account? the drainage.
01:28:09 Mark and Tiferet Welch: I think I counted 6 external doors, with at least 3 having entrances immediately onto Fraser. Again, secure is a consideration. As we know, we were using only one door for some time to access the building because of these concerns.
01:28:10 Tanya Paz (she/her): Washrooms with showers are also good for people with mobility issues and “plumbing” issues. Makes a place more accessible. Not just for bicyclists.
01:28:23 Marty and Dodie: Will the heat pump provide air conditioning?  What areas will be air conditioned?
01:28:26 EmetGDavis: It is hard to hear the speaker
01:28:56 Jane Heyman: Please repeat the questions – as it’s difficult to hear Pat because of echo.
01:29:10 Bonnie Klein: Did I just hear that one Level will not have an accessible bathroom?
01:29:14 Tracey: Drainage in kitchen needs attention.
01:29:14 Avril Orloff: Yes, hard to hear Pat.
01:30:28 chavisa: Will this take care of the acoustic issues in the eating area – in the past it is SO noisy when we are all eating and talking together.
01:30:36 Mark and Tiferet Welch: Please repeat Pat’s questions. It is hard to hear her.
01:30:46 Fran: During renovations what is the plan for holding services externally?  Has the cost of this been factored into the $2M?
01:32:40 Jane Heyman: Re Chavisa’s question:  I heard Erika say the will be working with acoustic consultant to develop and install panels in the meeting hall specifically to improve the acoustics.
01:33:35 dianne liscumb: What about staff who may have accessibility issues being able to easily access the third floor offices? Accessibility is important to the City. Perhaps the elevator to ensure full accessibility will be important to the city and variance committee.
01:36:20 David Berson: I may have missed a question about security for the Fraser street entrance but there would have to be street posts on both entrances to prevent any possibility of vehicle ramming. Thanks
01:37:49 Alycia Fridkin: Re: accessibility – I’m also wondering if we have adequate lighting in the stairwells and outside entrances/stairs for people with low visibility
01:37:54 chavisa: My question is answered
01:38:04 Tanya Paz (she/her): Ramp: grade/slope is important
01:40:04 Mark and Tiferet Welch: Those 3 new doors face directly onto Fraser.
01:41:41 Miriam’s iPad: Glass doors to the garden sounds beautiful but is it a concern that a vandal or thief could break the glass?
01:42:04 Avi Dolgin: Lots of concerns. But I just want to add that I like the overfall concept of the front & rear extensions on two floors.  Thank you👍🏻
01:42:29 Bonnie Klein: Thank you all for your hard work to this point, and for inviting our input.
01:43:06 dianne liscumb: Have motion detector lights at key points around the building been considered? For example, near the tree in question, around the ramp, at external doors,etc
01:44:19 Jane Heyman: Good thing we will still have Zoom.
01:44:54 kathy brandon: The renovation plans look like a very efficient use of  current and new space. So many aspects to consider.  Well done!!!
01:44:55 chavisa: Are our classes usually 15-30 people?  Will the two small classrooms be sufficient?
01:45:54 Marty and Dodie: air conditioning?
01:45:56 kathy brandon: We do have classes with 15 – 30 people.
01:46:09 Mark and Tiferet Welch: Light sensors on Fraser would be going off all the time!
01:46:31 chavisa: I’m concerned the classrooms will be too small.  Could we consider a third or larger classroom?
01:46:43 David Berson: There are more than 55 people here because many of us were couples!
01:46:52 Tanya Paz (she/her): Thank you all for your time!
01:47:14 kathy brandon: Thank you to this very capable task force!!
01:47:18 Alycia Fridkin: Thank you so much everyone!
01:47:26 chavisa: Thanks for all your efforts Task Force’rs.  Tremendous job
01:47:56 John Fuerst: Space is limited by the bylaws.  They are as big as they can be.
01:48:16 Laura Rosenthal: So impressive! Thank you.
01:48:21 Susan Shamash: I’m so impressed.  Kol hakavod to the task force and the architect!
01:48:38 EmetGDavis: Thank you to the task force and advisors!
01:48:58 Tanya Paz (she/her): It’ll be interesting to experience some/all of the ways we can use this space. Will there still be a library? Expanded?
01:49:22 Alycia Fridkin: One more suggestion for my fantasy shul…if we had a bar in the social hall with taps flowing with manischevitz and schnapps, how amazing would that be?!! L’chaim everyone!
01:49:25 dianne liscumb: Thank you John for your leadership and vision
01:49:33 John Fuerst: Thanks for y’all’s patience with me!
01:50:02 Paul McCurry: Thank you all so much!
01:50:14 Tanya Paz (she/her): Also, speaking of unceded lands, the 3 Nations of Vancouver and Urban Indigenous groups are always looking for space to hold gatherings. Is this something we could provide as part of our reconciliation process? Especially space for healing, death ceremonies, training.
01:50:18 Ron: thumbs up!  h and r
01:50:21 Ross Andelman: Excellent
01:50:30 Marianne Rev: Thank you John and Hannah and the various iterations of the task force👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏽🙏🏻