Darkness: A Koreh Open Mic

Saturday, January 16, 2021, 7:30 pm

In the midst of this winter darkness, we invite stories that emerge from this period of gestation, slow becoming, and generative solitudes. For some of us this is a dark night of the soul, for others a time for an intensified interiority and its magic. We also welcome the darkly humorous, the absurd and the nonsensical aspects of journeying through this time.

Our Readers: Alex Leslie, Marguerite Pigeon, Cecil Hershler, Charles Cohen, Dael Segal, Els Kushner, Esther Tennenhouse, and Tiferet Welch.

No registration is required to attend this event, all are welcome.

Join via Zoom

Meeting ID: 851 6908 0043; Passcode: 190099

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