Dialogue Project

Or Shalom Dialogue Project Session 2:  How We Allocate Tzedakah, Individually and Communally

Sunday, Sept. 10th, 7:00-9:30pm


See a summary of the evening HERE.


Or Shalom Dialogue Project

Session 3: November 19, 2017. Registration is not yet open.

A program of interest to all Or Shalom members who have a voice, or an ear…

Please join as we hone our skills, and strive to implement safe space for difficult conversations.

 Coming just before the High Holidays, this timely dialogue will allow us to contemplate how we allocate Tzedakah, both individually and community.  Dialogue groups will be facilitated by community members in training with Mark Winston. Together, we will delve into compassionate listening as we discuss the values, experiences and thoughts that influence our choices.

This project is for Or Shalom members. Registration in advance is required