Children of all ages are welcome to participate, along with parents, in engaging programs that feature fun and food, and immersion into relevant and inclusive Judaism, from free informal social activities to Shabbat and holiday programs. Or Shalom offers a number of programs for families of young children, Bar/Bat/Simchat Mitzvah age, and beyond. Registration for autumn start-dates opens in early summer.

For children ages 3 to 5, we offer a monthly Shabbat education program, Shabbat Sheli (by registration). If you have children ages 6 to 9, we invite you to register for our twice-monthly program, Little Lights.

We welcome your son or daughter’s Bar, Bat, or Simchat Mitzvah with Or Shalom, and have a complete B’nei Mitzvah program, B’yachad.

For post-B’nei Mitzvah teens, check out Philosophers’ Circle.

High Holidays Resources

Click here to download our letter to families and Rosh Hashanah kids activity page.

Example of a brainstorm map of family values:





Everyday blessings that your family might enjoy saying:

New Ways for Young Families to Connect

Based on your feedback, parents of young children wanted ways to communicate regularly and get to know one another as well as a way to schedule regular gatherings outside of our monthly Shabbat Sheli program, including in your homes, and in outdoor spaces in Metro Vancouver.

  • We’ve set up an easy-to-use listserv via Yahoo Groups that will facilitate this parent-led connection. Send an email to to subscribe to the group.
  • We’ve also created a Google calendar called Or Shalom Young Families. Want a way to coordinate hosting events, say every third week of the month? You can use this calendar to schedule events amongst yourselves as far in advance as you like. Please email the program coordinator if you’d like to be given permission to add events to the calendar.

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