Gemilut Chesed Committee Terms of Reference

Gemilut Chesed Committee Terms of Reference 

Mission Statement 

Our compassion for and commitment to our community are expressed in the physical world through gemilut chesed (acts of loving kindness). The mitzvah of gemilut chesed is performed without the expectation of reward or acknowledgement from the recipient. The relationship that is created by an act of gemilut chesed holds the potential for spiritual experiences and we believe that both the giver and the receiver are enriched by the process. Gemilut chesed requires continuous diligent education to enable us to learn how best to give as well as to receive. 

Our hope as a religious community is that each person will acknowledge the responsibility to perform gemilut chesed in ways appropriate to their abilities. We will become a community of people who are ready, willing, and able to respond to one another’s needs. 


To support Or Shalom members in times of need by providing direct, short term help for their physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being. 


We typically serve people who are ill or bereaved or who have new babies. With our generous volunteers we offer these supports: 

  1. Provide meals for folks who are ill or recovering from surgeries, families with new babies, and others who need short term relief.
  2. Visit people in the hospital or at home.
  3. Run errands or shop for folks who have difficulty getting around. 4. Take people out for coffee, conversation, or walks.
  4. Provide emergency care for pets.
  5. Provide rides to medical appointments.
  6. Provide meals of consolation and send out condolence cards.
  7. Support shiva minyanim and sheloshim.
  8. Match a mourner with a compassionate listener for the year of mourning.
  9. Refer people to agencies that fill other needs. April 2023