Good Yontif Project 2020

Great News…The Good Yontif Project 2020 is Sweetening the Deal!

First Ten submissions will be entered to win One of Two Delicious Prizes.

Q: How do I get My Sweet Deal?
A:  Submit a photo of you or your family.  This can include you and any “chosen” family members, “fur” babies, plants, or anything/anyone else that provides a feeling of comfort and connection. Along with the photo please include a warm holiday greeting. Neither the photo nor the greeting need be traditional.  We welcome creativity!

Then you’ll be entered to win one of the Delicious Prizes!

Q: What if I already submitted my photo?
A: Thanks, you’re awesome! You will be entered to win the prize!

Q: Is the honey, like, really REALLY sweet??
A. Yes. It’s really REALLY sweet. And delicious.

Please upload here by Friday, August 14 before Shabbat, or send it by email here. Please keep greetings to 10 words or less.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to be in touch with your Loving Neighbourhood Good Yontif Committee ❤

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