Introducing a broadened pathway to exploring Judaism

Introducing the new Exploring Judaism


Exploring Judaism is now an umbrella of adult classes meant for those on the path to discovering Judaism and for those wishing to deepen basic understandings of Jewish holidays, Shabbat, modes of prayer, ritual and more.

Take a look at our three course offerings nestled under the Exploring Judaism umbrella. Registration for the 2021-22 year of learning is now open (Prayer Book Hebrew opens August 16 for the general public).

Living a Jewish Year is our entry-level exploration. This class delves into each of the Jewish holidays in real time, offering historical perspective, multiple entryways into celebration, and guided ritual and spiritual experience. Some time is also spent on what it means to observe Sabbath, including a communal Friday evening meal. No prerequisites are required.

Begins Monday, Aug. 30, in person at Or Shalom.

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Prayer Book Hebrew teaches Hebrew alphabet decoding and then reading from the Et Ratzon Siddur, Or Shalom’s prayer book, offering familiarity with the Shabbat morning services, including some vocabulary and an introduction to congregational music.

Level 1 (for beginner-beginners) begins Wednesday, Oct. 13, in person at Or Shalom. Level 2 (for those who know the alphabet) begins Thursday, Oct. 14, in person at Or Shalom. Registration opens August 16; link will be available here.

Keva and Kavanah – Topics in Jewish Liturgy and Ritual explores modes of Jewish prayer with an emphasis on liturgy. Includes introduction to the quality of prayer at different times of day, week and year, guidance in the rituals of Shabbat, as well as a deeper dive into the Shabbat morning service and its expressions.

Begins Monday, Oct. 4, in person at Or Shalom.

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We look forward to having you join us for the 2021-22 year of learning!

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