Last call to participate: Koreh reading for Selichot

Are you a poet, writer, spoken word artist? Apply to participate in our Selichot program by July 30!

Announcing a KOREH Slam for SELICHOT 5782

When: Saturday, August 28, 8 p.m.

As we prepare music and liturgy for this year’s Selichot gathering, we invite your stories, poems and reflections on the theme “Where Can Wisdom be Found?

We invite you to reflect on unexpected sources of wisdom during the pandemic – human and non-human. We have all sought steadiness in different places – public health officers and the CBC, but also our gardens, animal companions and kitchens. During the past 18 months of pandemic, what are the new and reclaimed wisdom traditions you have drawn on? Have you felt your ancestors come closer, or explored a new tradition of your own? Has your Judaism shifted during the pandemic? During this phase of the year as we approach Rosh Hashanah, what is the wisdom that emerges from you and that you aspire to emerge into?

As always, we welcome offerings from first-time Koreh contributors.

Want to participate? Apply below by July 30!

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