New website trial period

Hi Or Shalomniks, More than 10 years ago, in the days of dial-up modems and computers with only a few megabytes of memory, Avi Dolgin, our webbie rebbie, created Or Shalom’s web site using little more than piano wire, bearskins, and many, many hours of time. For a couple years recently we’ve been exploring moving to a newer web technology, called WordPress, which should make it much easier for the rabbi and office staff to be able to update the site easily from anywhere they have computer access. For a trial period, we’re going to redirect to this wordpress site to see how people like it. This follows the month-long beta process we posted to encourage people to try the new site and provide feedback. If and when we permanently switch to this new web site, we hope to preserve these important legacy legacy pages of the four worlds model, Asiyah, Yetzirah, Briyah, and Azilut.

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