NEW Zusia Offering! Seven Weeks To Rebirth: Sefirat HaOmer Through Art and Contemplation

We’ve all been through a lot; this wilderness sojourn has been long and bewildering. How might we like to prepare ourselves to re-emerge from the chrysalis of this extraordinary time and take on new butterfly shapes? Join Rabbi Hannah Dresner for a dive into spiritual learning, art process and personal inquiry. We will mark the omer weeks by exploring the sefirotic quality associated with each week, mining it for its personal resonance. Every class will be centered on art making in the virtual studio we will create together. Give yourself the gift of seven safe and spacious opportunities to dream into possibility.

Instructor: Rabbi Hannah Dresner, MFA
Prerequisite: None
Dates: Tuesdays, March 30 to May 11
Time: 7-9 PM
Investment: Members $105; Non members $172

Register here.

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