Our Values

We believe in Spiritual Growth 

  • Therefore we connect with the Divine through prayer and practice.

We believe in Learning 

  • Therefore we ensure that teaching and learning are part of all that we do.

We believe in Creativity and Innovation 

  • Therefore we keep the spark alive through music and a variety of davenning styles.

We believe in Inclusivity 

  • Therefore we are open to all who come to join us in prayer and learning, regardless of background, ability, knowledge, gender or sexual orientation.

We believe in Tradition 

  • Therefore we honour teachings and wisdom from tradition and are grounded in Halachah.

We believe in Gemilut Chesed 

  • Therefore we extend ourselves to those who need us, and consciously grow in our ability to assist people.

We believe in Tikkun Olam and Tzedakah 

  • Therefore we consciously raise awareness of and work toward climate stability and social justice.

We believe in Synagogue Sustainability 

  • Therefore we follow good human resources practices, are responsible financial stewards and maintain our building.

We believe in Connecting to the larger Jewish world 

  • Therefore we participate and partner with community Jewish organizations, belong to Aleph, and support Israel.

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