Sweet service to start the High Holidays

Shana Tova! Before you head off to Rosh Hashanah dinner plans you may have with friends and family, join Rabbi Hannah for a sweet Kabbalat Chag service in our Bayit to start off the 5779 High Holy Days on Sunday, Sept. 9 at 5:15 p.m.

No tickets or membership required and we will have childminding available.

Explore our full schedule of High Holy Day services, including children and youth programming.

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Introducing Or Shalom’s New House of Study

Zusia, Or Shalom’s new house of study, is your chance to deeply engage in Jewish history, text, and custom. Open to the community at large, Zusia is an invitation to profound learning in a liberal context – non-dogmatic, egalitarian, and inclusive.

Each course is taught by an instructor with specialized knowledge and a passion for expressive and deep thought. Courses range from four to 10 weeks in length. Most courses are perfect for the curious beginner as well as intermediate learners while others offer an opportunity for more advanced knowledge seekers to dig a little deeper.

Download the course catalogue.

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Or Shalom at 40 – Part 4: Spirituality

At the core of the Or Shalom community is the love of davenning, singing, and learning together.

Part 4: Spirituality

Spirituality at Or Shalom is expressed in many ways. Through prayer, song, music, meditation, and dance. The ways in which the community practices has evolved and grown as new people leave their imprint on the traditions.

At Saturday Shabbat service, you’ll see many people participating in davenning. In recent years, efforts have been made to include more people in these leadership roles; two of our members led a Torah chanting course to great success.

Learning opportunities are expanding as well with the introduction of Zusia: The Bet Midrash at Or Shalom. From psalms and Talmud, to Hasidic texts and Jewish history, courses are being offered for individuals at all learning levels to steep themselves in thoughtful practice and study.

High Holyday observance has grown so much over the years that Or Shalom holds services at the JCC, attracting upwards of 500 people. On Yom Kippur the community dresses in white, creating a sea of peace and connectivity.

Every month, members of the Or Shalom and greater community join for an evening of wordless melody, Chanting & Chocolate. Started by Lorne Mallin, the contemplative yet joyful program is now led by Rabbi Hannah and Charles Kaplan. “I believe that chant shifts energy, and makes a difference,” says Rabbi Hannah.

How has your spiritual practice developed at Or Shalom? Take a look at some of the photos from over the years and share yours.


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