Let’s talk about our building renovation

Or Shalom’s building is undergoing a renovation; attend the meeting for a progress update

Or Shalom members: Join the virtual open house as we present progress on the building renovation and expansion and future directions of the project.

Architect Erika Gerson and the Building Task Force will present draft plans and there will be an opportunity to ask questions and share input.

If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please email John or Martin at board@orshalom.ca.

Watch the recording of the meeting and read more about the story, from the beginning, of Or Shalom’s building renovation journey:

Housing Task Force

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Annual General Meeting 2021

The Or Shalom Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday November 7th, 2021 at 11 am PST (note that this is the Sunday after the time change). Due to restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic this meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Although all are welcome, please be advised that voting at the AGM is reserved for members in good standing as of June 30th 2021.

Zoom Link:

The Or Shalom Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 11 a.m. Like last year, this AGM will be on Zoom. Zoom link will be sent to members who register for the meeting here.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes of the 2020 AGM
  4. Kavannah & Rabbi’s Report: Rabbi Hannah Dresner
  5. Co-Chair’s Report: David Kauffman & Martin Gotfrit
  6. Financial Report: Paul McCurry
  7. Motion to increase the number of Directors from 9 to 10
  8. Election of Directors*
  9. Business from the Floor
  10. Future events
  11. Adjournment
    *The board will be putting forward a board-recommended list of nominees:

Mark Drew
Rima Wilkes

Abby Fitch
Martin Gotfrit
Paul McCurry
Alexis Kellum-Creer
John MacDonald
Dalia Margalit-Faircloth

Dave Kauffman


Emet Davis
Alexandra (Alex) Lyon
Malcolm Steinberg

Due to the virtual format of this meeting, there will not be nominations “from the floor.” Instead, we ask that members in good standing who wish to nominate a member in good standing for the board must do so via email to board@orshalom.ca no later than October 31st at midnight.

As in past years, we will of course welcome questions and comments from members attending the Zoom meeting.

The meeting will be recorded and minutes will be taken and distributed as usual.

The Board of Directors looks forward to seeing you all (virtually) on November 7th.

David Kauffman
Martin Gotfrit


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Faiths 4 Climate Justice action recap

Or Shalomniks among over 100 individuals at Faiths4Climate Justice action

A report from the Tikkun Olam Co-ordinating Committee

It was a pleasure working with the Vancouver Greenfaith organizers to create Oct. 17’s Faiths4Climate Justice event, and we were thrilled to see so many Or Shalom community members there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In advance of the upcoming COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, we were one of more than 420 such multi-faith global demonstrations, calling on national and international governing bodies to urgently step up policies and actions to ensure a just and liveable future for today’s children and generations to come.

The gathering started with the powerful singing and drumming of Paddle Songs by host nations: Mary Point, of the Musqueam Nation and Clarissa of the Squamish Nation. Chief Judy Wilson of the Neskonlith Nation (near Chase) welcomed and transported us with moving words to the spiritual heart of the matter: Saving Mother Earth, on whom all beings depend. Chief Wilson then led the Seven Directions ceremony, with Stacy Gallagher (Anishinaabe) of the Burnaby Watch Tower assisting.

There were musical offerings from bells, shofars, and the Solidarity Notes choir. Stephen Aberle of Ahavat Olam offered Jewish words of wisdom about Torah being a Tree of Life, and the many Jewish participants – including Or Shalomniks as well as Rabbi Adam Stein of Beth Israel – sang along to the Tree of Life with Aberle’s beautiful voice leading. Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan shared a creative and resonant midrash centering on the story of Noah and the Raven on board the ark.

Along with moving contributions by a minister from Lytton there were also words of wisdom and songs from Christian friends, interspersed with teachings from the Quran and warnings of the human and environmental costs of militarism. The event closed with Buddhist words of loving kindness, caring and peace.

Despite the rain, 128 of us were present at the peak of Sunday’s Faiths4Climate Justice event. After the ‘biblical’ downpour, approximately 50 stalwarts remained. There is no question that the Or Shalom contingent was the largest and most spirited, with over two dozen Or Shalomniks braving the wind and rain!

There will be many future opportunities for us to raise our voices and grow our presence on taking action in the climate crisis, and we look forward to joining with Vancouver Greenfaith and other activist groups to demand climate justice.

Pictures are courtesy of photographer Avril Orloff. Additional photos of the event are available at Diane Lake’s page on Flickr as well as on the Greenfaith Facebook page.

(This event cost 50% more than planned because of honoraria to Indigenous guests. We invited two: four came. If you didn’t get a chance to make a donation or would like to increase it, please email mariannerev@gmail.com.)

Thanks to the Tikkun Olam Co-ordinating Committee for organizing Or Shalom’s participation.

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