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In 2015, the Or Shalom Board of Directors extended Or Shalom membership to include families who want to join our community but could not afford the full membership fees. “Pay What You Can” is not a discount, or a way to “get a deal” to be part of Or Shalom. We have many fixed costs, including our building, our staff, and programs. Full member dues are $980 per adult or $1980 per family per year.

If your family wants to be part of Or Shalom but can not afford the full membership fee, this option is provided for you.


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Additional member information for online membership applications/renewals
  • for b'nei mitzvah class planning.
  • We are trying to move to 100% electronic communication. Or Shalom adheres to the Canadian anti-spam laws and will not sell your email contact info, and will use it only for Or Shalom related information.

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  1. Leora Zalik

    While OrSh has always provided lower membership fees for those to whom the full amount was prohibitive. Over the years I’ve spoken to many people believed they could not be members because they could not afford the fees. They were unaware that a simple phone call and brief conversation would result in the assessment of an amount within their reach. Some, particularly people new to the OrSh community still hesitated as asking for help can be intimidating, especially when a relationship has not yet been established with the person on the other end of the phone.
    This new approach is much more respectful and lets people know that OrSh trusts in their integrity. It is radical in that it is a very unusual approach. I applaud it.

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