Prayerbook Hebrew Level 1

Part of the Exploring Judaism umbrella of courses, Prayer Book Hebrew teaches Hebrew alphabet decoding and then reading from the Et Ratzon Siddur, Or Shalom’s prayer book, offering familiarity with the Shabbat morning services, including some vocabulary and an introduction to congregational music. 

Level 1 (for beginner-beginners)

Course Details
2021 Dates: Wednesdays, Oct. 13; Oct. 20; Oct. 27; Nov. 3; Nov. 10; Nov. 17; Nov. 24;
Dec. 1; Dec. 8; Dec. 15
Time: 7-8:30 p.m.
Location: In-person, Or Shalom Synagogue
Taught by Harriet Frost

Financial Investment
Course: $198
Class text (required; will be distributed in class), Shalom U’vracha, the New Hebrew Primer: $20

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Financial investment: $198 for 10 classes
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