Seeing the Omer

A warm, heartfelt thank you to Wendy Oberlander for sharing your creativity, ideas and inspiration with the “Seeing the Omer” class.

Here are some words of gratitude from parents for a wonderful offering during Covid-19 isolation:

“Thx for a great class!”, Galit Mastai

“Thank you so much for leading the art class today! You have a wonderful way of creating a relaxed and creative space for art to happen! Lilah loved the two classes she was able to join”. Bernadette

“Thanks again for the wonderful art class.” All the best, Benje.

A Virtual Light Offering!

Seeing the Omer: Art Exploration for Children and Youth ages 6-13 with Wendy Oberlander

Tuesdays at 2:00 pm during the Omer

A virtual class for ages 6-13 taught by Wendy Oberlander who has been mixing art, youth and Judaism for a long, long time. Let’s come together for an hour of play with collage during the Omer.

Tuesday April 28, Omer week of Tiferet (Balance)

We’ll each create our own balancing acts. What does balance look like to you? Lots and lots of colour? A teeter totter? Does it feel like standing on one foot? Gather a few materials in advance of the class: a few sheets of paper – white or coloured, at least 8.5×11″, (card stock is great if you have some), a glue stick, a pair of scissors, collage materials: magazines with colour and text and clean gems from the with recycling box.

Tuesday May 5, Omer week of Netzach (Endurance)

Another week, and another way to count the Omer! This week is all about endurance (Netzach). How far can you see? Do you sometimes feel you could run forever? Does the river flow all night long, even when no one is watching? Please ready your workspace with a surface where you can be a bit messy. Gather a few materials in advance of the class: markers, pencil crayons, maybe watercolours if you have some (a brush and cup of water, too), magazines, scissors, glue – and whatever else you have at home! Paper and/or cardboard for your artwork is also needed.

Special instructions: before our session, please look around your home and outside on a walk: what can find that reminds you of ‘endurance’? Something that lasts a long, long time. Perhaps a rock, perhaps the sky (take a photo?), perhaps a song that you love to sing. How about love? Maybe we can find a way to make love visible!

Tuesday May 12, Omer week of Hod (Humility or Modesty)

How to say ‘thank you’ during Hod!

This week of the Omer brings us to HOD, which means humility or modesty. ‘Hod’ shares a root word with ‘todah rabah’ (from the root of the Hebrew word “hoda’ah). How can we say ‘thank you’ during this mixed-up time? We might be feeling a bit out of sorts, maybe we are shy when we see so many faces on a computer screen, and sometimes familiar things are really hard to complete. Being yourself is the best way to say ‘thank you’. We can also find small ways to express our gratitude for the food we share at home, for the time our teachers give us, for our good health.

Please gather some paper, markers, pencil crayons and watercolours if you have some – let’s see if we can  get into some painting! You will need some water, a brush, and a safe workspace to keep the water and paint away from the computer.

Tuesday, May 19, Omer week of  Yesod (Foundation)

This week the Omer brings us YESOD: foundation! You might ask, what is a foundation? A house uses concrete, a tree has roots and the earth floats because of gravity. How about that flamingo which often stands on one leg! What is your foundation made of? The good food and the love we get from our families and friends helps us to be ourselves. What does this look like?

Please have old newspapers, a roll of masking tape (or painters’ tape) and acrylic paint (with water and brush) ready for this session. Collage materials and glue will also be helpful if you do not have acrylic paint.

Some beautiful artwork from the Omer week of Yesod (Foundation) 








Tuesday, May 26, Omer week of Malchut (Sovereignty)

These past few weeks have been all about change, and now we come to the end of the Omer. Our gardens are growing, summer is just starting. Let’s dream up our best selves together: can you show the world who you are becoming?

Let’s use water colours this week – they flow and move just like our thoughts and feelings. Make sure you have a good work surface that can get a little messy, a black permanent marker (Sharpie), some water, paint, and at least one brush. For paper see if you can find something a little thicker than copier paper or construction paper; if not, don’t worry!

Some beautiful artwork from the Omer week of  Malchut (Sovereignty)