Shacharit Leadership Lab with Rabbi Hannah Dresner

Welcome to the Class Page for Rabbi Hannah’s Shacharit Leadership Lab!

Beginning Monday, Nov 7, 7-9pm; future dates to be determined by the group

Build comfort with traditional cantillation for Shabbat Shacharit in a collaborative, supportive environment. Attention to the creation of meaningful prayer experiences for Or Shalom’s Shabbat morning service.

Here are some resources for your studies:

Shacharit l’Shabbat with Rabbi Daniel Siegel:

Shacharit for Shabbat with Harley Rothstein:

Thoughts on Effective Davening Leadership by Harley Rothstein

Nov 7th rough Audio Recording from class

– Gratitude to Nomi Fenson for recording from her phone.

Shacharit section of Siddur Birkat Shalom, for your perusal of gender language that alternates between masculine and feminine. This is not the ultimate solution, but the best out there at this time, at least as Rabbi Hannah has found, so far. Here’s that link: SiddurBirkatShalomSecondEdition Pages 71 – 136

New resources posted over time…