Still time to register for Judaism Unbound’s Pre-Purim Mixer!!!

After two years of pandemic ups and down it appears, G-d willing, that we are approaching a light at the end of the tunnel. During this time, however, Or Shalomniks have missed out on many of the things we used to take for granted as an in-person community: celebrating happy milestones at the Bayit, being shoulder-to-shoulder with our friends on Shabbat mornings, mourning alongside one another, delighting in each other’s Purim costumes, and of course— arguably one of our biggest communal joys—welcoming newcomers and returning friends to this one-of-a-kind spiritual home and Jewish playground.

This is why Judaism Unbound is collaborating with Or Shalom to deliver a pre-Purim experience tailored to bringing our community back together and mixing constituencies that haven’t yet overlapped, as they naturally would have during the pre-pestilence times. We’re calling the event When Concealing Meets Revealing: A Digital Pre-Purim Experience featuring Judaism Unbound. Come with an open mind and open heart to explore a central theme of Purim—Hester Panim a.k.a. God’s hidden presence—using innovative, fun, and deep Zoom approaches dreamt up by Lex Rofeberg and Dan Libenson, two mensches at the vanguard of what Rabbi Benay Lappe lovingly refers to as Judaism 3.0.

Costumes are welcome and—not being the only way to conceal and reveal oneself—entirely optional. In addition to some digital Zoom play and exploration, Dan and Lex will provide those of us who prefer it with more analogue modes of participation.

You can learn more about Lex and Dan, their projects, yeshiva, and podcast here:

This event is free to attend.


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