Tikkun Olam – תיקון עולם

Or Shalom is committed to do tikkun olam, repairing injustice and inequity in the world.

A donation to the Or Shalom Tzedakah Fund is a wonderful way to fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah.

The Four Charities benefitting from Yom Kippur 5781 Tzedakah Contributions

The Tikkun Olam Committee chose the following four organizations for the 5781 High Holy Days’ Tzedakah Fund. We were guided by the intention to support one of our current charities (BWSS), one Israeli charity, and one each of Indigenous and environmental organizations, the two key focus areas for our Tikkun Olam at this time. We will divide the tzedakah collected equally among each of these four worthy organizations.

Battered Women’s Support Services: Or Shalom identified BWSS as one of 8 “leading lights” in our community several years ago and we have maintained a strong personal relationship with them over the years. A feminist voice against violence and oppression, BWSS is a strong, dynamic organization that provides support and advocacy for women who have experienced abuse, as well as community education and training about violence against women.

Rabbis for Human Rights: RHR has been on the front lines of social justice work in Israel since 1988 and is the only rabbinic voice in Israel explicitly dedicated to human rights. In a time when a nationalist and isolationist understanding of Jewish tradition is growing in Israel, RHR is committed to the principle of justice for all God’s creatures, defending the rights of the marginalized and disenfranchised and championing justice, equality and freedom for all.

Fostering Change was launched by the Vancouver Foundation in 2013 with the goal of addressing homelessness by providing opportunities and support for youth transitioning out of foster care. Through a combination of advocacy and direct action, they seek to change public policy for youth “aging out” of government care in BC, to ensure that BC’s Agreements with Young Adults program is both comprehensive and universal for all youth aging out of care, and to help every youth from care thrive.

Raven Trust provides legal funds for Indigenous communities to protect their territories, partnering with Indigenous peoples to enable access to Canada’s justice system so that communities may mount and sustain legal challenges to industrial projects. In addition to Raven’s mandate to uphold Indigenous constitutional rights, their public education programs work to eliminate environmental racism and foster a greater understanding of Indigenous rights and governance.

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