Video recording of Isaac in a Bind

Watch the video recording of Isaac in a Bind, a theatrical presentation of Midrash on the Akeida (binding of Isaac) presented by Avi Dolgin.

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2 Responses to Video recording of Isaac in a Bind

  1. Gloria Levi says:

    Am back again on Gabriola for one week. Just saw your Isaac In a Bind. Absolutely loved it. Well, well Done! Every word was so well parsed. Hilarious, serious, Held together. It was wonderful! You did an extraordinary job. I loved it. YASHAR KOACH.


  2. Robert Bateman says:

    Dear Avi,
    Loved every minute of your Isaac In a Bind.
    You held my attention throughout.
    Very well done.
    Yasher koach and shana tova,

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