Vision and Goals

Visioning Plan Goals and Objectives

To meet Or Shalom’s needs for growth and development, by 2010 we will:

Goal 1: Bayit

Determine and begin implementation of a plan to provide a Bayit that meets Or Shalom’s needs.

  1. Establish Expansion/Renovation committee.
  2. Develop a proposal and present it to the Board.
  3. If board approves a proposal, begin implementation.
  4. If renovation is not feasible, establish a relocation committee to develop a proposal for relocation.

Goal 2: Staffing

Develop and implement a staffing plan so that the work of Or Shalom is more efficient and effective.

2.1 Rabbi and co-chairs develop a short-term staffing plan.
2.2 With Board approval, implement short-term staffing plan.
2.3 Rabbi and co-chairs develop a long-term staffing plan.

2.4 With Board approval, begin to implement long term-term staffing plan.

Goal 3: Financial Planning

Develop and implement a financial plan in order to sustain Or Shalom’s financial viability.
3.1 Determine philosophy behind Or Shalom’s financial plan.
3.2 Ensure that Or Shalom’s financial management practices are consistent with its financial philosophy.
3.3 Formulate and implement financial plan.

Goal 4: Fundraising

Develop a comprehensive fundraising plan that supports Or Shalom’s operations and growth, in keeping with the financial philosophy of Or Shalom.

4.1 Establish a fundraising plan development committee to examine various fundraising methods. 4.2 Develop the plan.
4.3 Present the fundraising plan to the board for approval.

Goal 5: Governance

Develop and implement a written, well-defined governance structure which defines the roles and responsibilities of the Board and its members, the terms of reference of the committees and the relationship between the Board and its committees to support Or Shalom’s growth as an organization.

5.1 In 2008, we will have a Board governance retreat.
5.2 By end of 2008, finalize the governance document.
5.3 Establish the Governance Committee as a standing Board Committee.

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Goal 6: Volunteer Leadership

Develop a succession plan for volunteer leadership that will continue to sustain and enliven Or Shalom. 6.1 Develop a Board manual to be used for recruitment and orientation.
6.2 Explore options for and implement a succession plan model.
6.3 Continue to support Board development and learning.

Goal 7: School

Build an excellent school in order to nurture a new generation’s love for innovative, traditional, egalitarian Judaism.

7.1 Develop staffing plan for a school.
7.2 Improve Or Shalom’s Jewish renewal curriculum. 7.3 Continue to recruit students.
7.4 Continue to integrate school with shul functions.

Goal 8: Membership

Strengthen the culture of community that welcomes, values and respects all members as we nurture our growth in membership.

8.1 Develop programming that is attractive to potential members in the wider community. 8.2 Welcome, introduce and involve new members.
8.3 Encourage commitment of existing members to the range of Or Shalom activities.

Goal 9: Youth and Young Adults

Expand and improve programming for youth and young adults to engage Or Shalom’s next generation.

9.1 Work with the Young Adult Community (YAC) on growth and development.

9.2 Explore Synagogue and Community models for engaging teens.

Goal 10: Gemilut Chesed

Increase participation and commitment to Gemilut Chesed (acts of loving kindness) so that members are supported at difficult times.

10.1 Research Gemilut Chesed models (JFSA as a resource and other synagogue models). 10.2 Determine both member needs and abilities to contribute.
10.3 Report and recommend a preferred model to the Board.

Goal 11: Siddur

Choose and daven (pray) with a siddur that engages the diverse membership of Or Shalom. 11.1 Appoint a siddur review committee.
11.2 Involve the community in a process of reviewing siddurim.
11.3 Report and make a recommendation to the Board.

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