Rabbi Hannah Dresner is available for performing marriages for Jewish couples who are members of Or Shalom, and, at her discretion, Jewish couples who are not yet members of the Or Shalom community.

We perform same-sex marriages in accordance with civil legislation, and in the spirit of our embrace of fullest egalitarianism within Jewish practice.

Or Shalom has followed the traditional understandings of “Who Is A Jew” – anyone born of a Jewish mother or who goes through a conversion process. We have also struggled with the issue of people born to Jewish fathers but non-Jewish mothers. The discussion involves fundamental questions of identity, community, and values.

Or Shalom is blessed with many interfaith couples who call Or Shalom home. We are often discussing and reviewing our policies regarding these topics to both accommodate our diverse membership and promote Jewish identity, teaching, and learning. In 2014, Rabbi Emerita Laura Duhan-Kaplan researched some contemporary ideas about interfaith weddings for our consideration here: Interfaith Wedding Report.

Since that time, our current Rabbi, Hannah Dresner, has written about her view of what comprises a Jewish wedding and the rabbi’s role when a member of the community marries a non-Jew. Read her message to the Or Shalom board on interfaith marriage. In keeping with these views, Rabbi Hannah offers an Aliyah to the Torah to all Or Shalom couples about to be wed, and, as is desired, and as her schedule permits, she attends the multi-faith weddings of Or Shalom members, at which she is not the officiant, to offer a blessing.

Weddings held at Or Shalom must adhere to our communal halacha and religious practice, regardless of officiant.

Please visit our Contact Us page to speak to the office administrator about holding your wedding in our space or to speak to the rabbi about conducting your wedding.