Welcome back to OrShalom.ca

For many years, our “webbe-rebbe” Avi Dolgin overcame the limitations of early web design software to create the original or shalom web site at orshalom.ca

For the past couple years orshalom.ca was redirected to wordpress, a more modern web site manager that allows more people to post, provide comments, and various improvements that have been made to web tech over the past 20 years. In this third stage we have found a way to combine the legacy web site with the newer wordpress site, all hosted here at orshalom.ca. We’re also now hosted on greengeeks.com, a carbon-neutral provider with all our data hosted in Canada.

So, welcome back to orshalom.ca and to our new website. Our original web site still has hundreds of pages of history, divrei Torah, and discussions that have been preserved and available here for your perusal. Many of the links are broken, but give us some time, and they will slowly relink as we get to them.

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