Yizkor Service

Each year at Yom Kippur during the Yizkor service, the prayer leader reads out the names of all those who have passed since last last Yom Kippur

To ensure your loved one is remembered on Yom Kippur you can fill out this form.

Yizkor Form

A place for people to enter names of someone who has died in the past year (since last Yom Kippur) whose name should be read ut at this year's Yom Kippur Yizkor service

Your Name(Required)
The name of the person being remembered(Required)
e.g. Chaim Lev ben Moshe v'Chana
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The names of people remembering their lost loved one, and how the loved one was related to them. For example if Sarah Berkin is remembering her father Mendel, then the Commemomorant is Sarah Berkin, and the person being remembered was their: Father.
Would you like us to add this information to Or Shalom's yahrzeit database for you to receive a reminder letter from the Rabbi each year? (Letters are sent to Or Shalom members only)

Thanks for completing this Yizkor form

If there are more commemorants please email yizkor@orshalom.ca