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Membership dues alone do not support Or Shalom, we rely on donations such as yours to support our staff and programs. We provide this web payment form for you to make donations and optionally dedicate it in honour, or in memory. You may choose to have your donation recognized in our weekly email newsletter the Doar Shalom.

Or Shalom deeply values the contributions of all who give so generously to the community, in terms of time, effort and financial support. We believe that money is just another vehicle of giving, and that when we recognize contributions, financial gifts can and should be recognized along with the myriad of other kinds of contributions that support our mutual welfare (cooking, leadership and musicianship to name just a few).

Or Shalom runs an Annual Community Campaign each year to make it possible to have professional staff and pay living wages with benefits.

At the October 2016 Board of Directors meeting, the board approved the Strategic Financial Planning Committee (SFPC)’s proposal on Or Shalom’s recognition of financial contributions to the community. The proposal states that:

1) We will continue to recognize sponsors of Kiddush honouring family simchot and other special occasions.

2) Donations to Or Shalom via the on-line site (for cheques and credit cards) will be recognized (if donors so choose) through announcements in the weekly Doar Shalom, with acknowledgement of both the donor and the person(s) being honoured/remembered.

3) Rabbi Hannah continues our tradition of thanking people who support events at Or Shalom, and the board will extend this recognition to the sponsorship of special community events that require funds beyond the annual budget. Sponsorship of a community event can also be recognized, if the donor chooses, by a verbal acknowledgement at the event, and on related Or Shalom publicity material.

Or Shalom donations can be made online by credit card, using Canada’s most popular secure service Moneris.

Or Shalom acknowledges Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver for their financial support of our childrens’ programs.

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